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A headline written in a tabloid way without beating about the bush shows objectification of women in the verbal sphere. Summer is filled to the brim with such headlines, raising the level of medial indoctrination of women year by year, especially young girls. Most times they don't read about Jennifer Lopez starting another collaboration with Pit Bull, but about J.Lo's legs and breasts as if they were going places on their own. The artist while undoubtedly not being a paradigmed, weak, economically dependent on her man, patriarchal being is still being defined as her bottom and breasts, just like most women who are mentioned in tabloids. The semantic deconstruction is linked to depicting women as a collection of elements produced for a specific purpose. A purpose dictated in a hierarchic capitalistic world by men.

Within the confines of particular regimes, knowledge is created, shapes identity sets, of which the most common and unnoticed is the not so obvious, dichotomy of standards for men and women. As we know, in european culture the catalogues of opposites do not benefit from these goods equally. Representatives of female paradigm experience discrimination at provincial environment as well as at big city universities. The patriarchal family....

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